Pg 107: Not on Fire

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts notices that she is not on fire.

Creator’s Commentary: I was contemplating whether to include this or not i.e. had I inferred enough that magic was protecting her from this inhospital environment just by that fact she is there and not on fire/asphyxiating? Or would it look like a big plot hole?

Mainly I decide to include it because it makes it clearer why Amuletts thinks Loki is kinda a nice guy. At least in this moment. 

EDIT: Oh poop, I got Loki’s speech bubble the wrong color in panel 2!!

Pg 104: You’re Lying

This week in Epic Fail: Loki thinks everyone hates him

Creator’s Commentary: You don’t hate Loki do you? Show him some love!

For some reason I can only here ‘You’re lying’ in Kryten’s voice.

Loki’s not beyond stooping to emotional manipulation. Is there a grain of truth to it? Who knows.

Pg 103: Upgrade

This week in Epic fail: Loki gives Amuletts’ equipment an upgrade.

Creator’s Commentary:

(Remember Epic fail updates on The First Tuesday of the Month).

Loki changes Amuletts’ outfit and weapon. Do you know what he changes them too and where they are from? Put your guesses in the comments!

I remembered Loki’s chest-thingy in this comic. It’s supposed to be there all the time, but looks different in every panel. This is a reference to the webcomic ‘Life and Death’ where Chaos has a t-shirt that changes in every panel to represent his chaotic nature. I liked that idea.

Pg 98: What Lies Beneath

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts admits that everything is a front 

Creator’s Commentary: I did a punny with the title!

Loki was a bit too much of a douchebag in my original script. Not that he can’t be but he can also be very charming. Whether on not he’s being honest, or either of these characters are I’ll leave entirely for you to speculate.

Oh go on I’ll tell you:

It’s all true. Especially the lies.

Actually truth is pretty relative especially when it comes to how a person views themselves. Look up ‘imposer syndrome’. 

Pg 94: Loki Entrance

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts meets Loki.

Creator’s Commentary: Get it? Loki entrance?

So I find it amusing that Amuletts immediately loses confidence. Also that Loki is really sarcastic XD

He’s coalescing out of smoke in this scene. God of Fire and all 😉

Perhaps I should take this opportunity to discuss Loki’s hair. As I’m sure many of you will be aware Marvel’s Loki (portrayed by the lovely Tom Hiddleston) has black hair, but Loki is often portrayed as having red hair because this is the colour associated with fire. In Norse mythology his hair colour is not confirmed he is simply described as ‘handsome.’ To a Viking well kept blonde hair was considered handsome so quite possibly Loki was canonically a blonde. Of course being a shapeshfter he could probably have whatever hair colour he pleased.

I’ve gone with literal firey hair.


Pg 79: God Questions

This week in Epic Fail: Yoru is very interested when Tinuvielle reveals Amuletts met a God. He goes to Martin to find out more.

Creator’s Commentary: Is it me or is Yoru a little taller..?

Upcoming pages are going to be crazy, because Martin has a crazy story to tell. Well it has Loki in it, God of Chaos, so what did you expect?

Yep, deviating from the ‘Main Plot’ again. That’s just something I tease you with 😉

Sorry about the lazy background.

THOR Special

This week in Epic Fail: Martin laughs at Amuletts for cheering for Loki instead of Thor.

Creator’s Commentary: This is a special comic in case you didn’t know – I tried to make it clear – so it doesn’t follow on from the regular storyline. It’s inspired by the upcoming THOR movie. Epic Fail is influenced by norse mythos, or at least Loki!

Go here to read another THOR comic page I drew for a competition. Please vote if you can. If you do I could win!! You need to be a registered member of Comicracy to vote, but the sign-up process is really quick and easy. Remember to say your referrer was Amuletts or Epic Fail. And thankyou my lovely readers.

Thankyou very much for voting for Epic Fail in the Comicracy Thor Contest, thanks to you Epic Fail drew with I’m Famous in first place and got a fantastic prize!

I’ll post more very soon!

Pg 31: Adorably Chivalrous

This week in Epic Fail: Dirk goes to see Amuletts to ask if he can accompany her on her ‘shopping’ trip.  He believes she will simply steal what she wants if he is not there to supervise.  Amuletts interprets his concern as adorably chivalrous.

Creator’s Commentary: I actually drew this page a while back, when Tinuvielle had just met Yoru, but then I realised there were explanations needed that could not wait.  So this page got moved back.

A lot of the comic so far has been just talking, and I keep trying to think of new ways to make the frames interesting.  Having the characters do something whilst they talk is one way, so here we have Amuletts applying her make-up.  Yes – it’s different than normal, she does that occasionally.  Not to mention I wanted to show that it is make-up an not a permanent tattoo.  She always favours red and black colours because they are the colours of Loki.

Pg 9: This isn’t the argument you’re looking for

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts, exasperated by Clodins stubbornness, laments that Martin paid her so little. Hearing this the dwarf is even more outraged. Amuletts realises she has hit a brick wall and, growing impatient, uses the force magic to manipulate him.  It works.  Clodin accepts her apology,  however, Dirk is still being held by her minion, Andy Roid.  She thinks it is funny, but agrees to order his release after Tinuvielle threatens her.  Tinuvielle is most embarrassed to discover Amuletts finds her ‘cute.’

Creator’s Commentary: So now you’ve been introduced the main abilities Amuletts receives from her God, Loki.  She can produce fire and use a minor charm spell (like the Force magic can have a strong influence on the weak-minded).   These mimic abilities the deity himself has, but are far less powerful.  Unlike normal spells they require no preparation and are used at will, so she tends to throw them off rather casually.